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G-Suite for Education
Information for Parents

Oakwood Primary School uses G-Suite for Education for pupils, staff and governors.

This system is available in school, from home and from any other computer with internet access. It is also available on other devices, such as smartphones, iPads, etc.

The only parts of this system available to pupils are:

Children are only able to use email within oakwoodlive.net - in other words, between their fellow pupils and staff. They cannot send email outside oakwoodlive.net or receive email from outside oakwoodlive.net.

The only exception to this is if we are working on a project with another school and we allow pupils to email other pupils in that school, or share documents.

The only personal information which we provide to Google to run this service are names. Your child's logon ID is derived from their name and a number:

  • Child's name: Joe Bloggs
  • Child's username: 09jbloggs@oakwoodlive.net

No personal information whatsoever, such as dates of birth, gender, addresses, is provided or linked to names.

A lot of the privacy concerns which apply to the "public" Google do not apply to G-Suite for Education:

  • Google does not enable profiles, or web history or provide its social Google+ web pages on our system.
  • Google does not place advertising on pages in Google Apps for Education.

The school can access all the data stored in your child's account and suspend or delete an account at any time.

We ask for your permission to create an email account for your child when they join the school, but you can withdraw this permission at any time and we will delete your child's account. This will mean that there will be important parts of the ICT curriculum that your child cannot access.



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