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Surveys and Questionnaires

Annual Reports 2014

Each year when annual reports are published, we ask parents about the report to make sure we are still providing reports which are easy to read and understand.

We asked about:

  • the format of the report
  • the ABCD system for effort
  • the tick system for attainment

Here are the results from the 2014 survey. (You can see the latest results from 2015 as well.)

Your Questions and Comments

  • "Very detailed report format in all aspects."
  • "It's very clear and easy to read."
  • "I feel this is a better layout than previous reports."
  • "Very well laid out; easy to understand."
  • "It's good and clear."
  • "Great layout! Easy to read!"
  • "Clear report form."
  • "I like the report - the foundation stage is very clear."

Why do you send the whole registration certificate home, not just a summary of attendance?
We have to send a complete attendance record home to parents. This is a statutory requirement.

Does the four-point ABCD system for effort and the three-tick system for attainment place limits on the ability to differentiate between children?
We use a four-point system for effort so that teachers have to say whether effort is good enough or if it isn't - there's no middle option.
We have used the three-tick system because this mirrors national curriculum changes. "Old" national curriculum levels should not be reported apart from at the end of Years 2 and 6. Some schools got bogged down in reporting sub-levels (eg. 3c, 4a) at the end of every year. This became confusing as sublevels are not statutorily defined. It is one of the reasons the government has scrapped the system of national curriculum levels and is not replacing it. In the future, we will report attainment as "below/at/above the level expected at the end of Year X", just as we currently do on the reports. This continues the "emerging/expected/exceeding" system used in Early Years.

Future Plans

  • Our reports are already compliant with the scrapping of national curriculum levels;
  • Year 2 and 6 reports next year will continue to report on "old" national curriculum, as is required by the DfE
  • Reports for Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 will report on the new national curriculum, as is required by the DfE
  • We will revamp our Early Years reports in 2015 so they are less wordy and easier to interpret


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