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Surveys and Questionnaires

Annual Reports 2015

Each year when annual reports are published, we ask parents about the report to make sure we are still providing reports which are easy to read and understand.

We asked about:

  • the format of the report
  • the ABCD system for effort
  • the tick system for attainment

Here are the results from the 2015 survey. (You can still see the results from the 2014 survey if you wish.)

Your Questions and Comments

  • "We like the format of the report - much more personal to the child."
  • "Quite happy with it."
  • "Easy to understand."
  • "Very clear and easy to understand."
  • "The personal anecdotes in the report were wonderful!"
  • "I like the layout. It is well-organised."
  • "It would be good if the Showcase Music reports weren't late."
  • "Some bits were confusing, but I worked it out."
  • "One one page, the ticks were all down the middle."
  • "Great format with very helpful information for parents. Targets were great as well. Thank you."
  • "Some of the terminiology (e. number bonds) is not clear. It would be nice to have an appendix so we can help."
  • "The format is quite detailed and captures every aspects of all school activities."
  • "It is quite easy to follow and the symbols are well explained." #

Could the compartive national results on the phonics screening page be simplfied?
The format of these reports is generated by our School Information Management System (SIMS). The sheet contains what we legally have to report in a nationally agreed format. For our Year 6 "SATs" results, we use our own format, which we think makes the data easier to read, while still complying with government guidelines. We will look to see if we can make the phonics data easier to read next year.

Future Plans

  • Our reports are already compliant with the scrapping of national curriculum levels.
  • Year 2 and 6 reports will also report on the new national curriculum in 2016.


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