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Equality Survey

Disability | Race and Ethnicity | Gender and Diversity | Discrimination | Comments | Our Response

This survey is now closed, so we are able to add the comments we received in addition to the question responses.

  • We would like to see a more balanced representation of religions in the community. There currently seems to be a local church bias. A visit to a local Gurdwara temple or synagogue would be a fantastic opportunity.
  • I am pleased that my child is learning about other faiths and races at Oakwood. He shows a genuine interest and understanding of this subject.
  • Please continue to offer information through teaching and learning practices about all the different cultures and religions. I am aware that this is done in class lessons and regular school assembly.Kids are happy how they are treated with respect to equality. Thank you very much for all your hard work especially their class teachers.
  • My daughter is very proud of her heritage and the fact that she is bilingual. I was happy to know that she tried to teach some words to her classmates with quite a big success. I would like to see languages a part of the curriculum from an early age.
  • I think the school is a wonderful safe environment for any child to learn :-)
  • I think Oakwood is a lovely school. The teachers are friendly and hands on. The headteacher is very involved. However, I feel that able children could be pushed a bit more.

We will consider all responses to the survey. Governors will consider the responses at their meeting in May 2015.

We will publish our response shortly after the summer half term break.

Disability | Race and Ethnicity | Gender and Diversity | Discrimination | Comments | Our Response

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