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Article 4
Governments must do all they can to fulfil the rights of every child.

Article 42
Governments must make the Convention known to children and adults.

Instrument of Government

The new governing body of Oakwood Primary School was created on 1 January 2014 when the two former schools became one.

We meet twice every half term, once within committees and once as a whole governing body. We also have a Governors Day in School once a term. We provide updates about our involvement in the school on the blog!

From the Archives...!

Thanks to Judy Short, we've recently discovered two Governors' Annual Reports from over 20 years ago! One of them won a Times Educational Supplement national award! These annual reports were statutory in the days before we had all our school information online.

Have a read and see how the times have changed!

Governors' Annual Report 1991 - 1992
Governors' Annual Report 1992 - 1993

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