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Uniform | Shoes and Boots | PE Kit | Jewellery, Haircuts and other personal belongings


Our rules about jewellery and other personal belongings are primarily about safety.

If children have their ears pierced, only one pair of studs may be worn. Earrings should not be worn on PE days but if your child is unable to remove them, please provide suitable medical tape to cover them.

We follow Southampton City Council's guidance on this issue strictly.

Wrist watches are allowed in school.

No other jewellery is allowed for school wear.

We can’t take responsibility for the loss or damage of jewellery or any other personal property.


Haircuts and colours

We do not expect children to come to school with extreme haircuts or colours.

Examples of haircuts not permitted include: tram lines or equivalent, shapes, logos or words shaved into hair. We don't allow unnatural hair colours. When joining the school, parents and carers are expected to fully support this policy at all times.

Long hair should be tied back at all times and short hair in a suitable style for school.


Hair Accessories

These should be plain and functional, and not worn for fashion purposes. Large or decorative hairbands are not allowed. Large bows and novelty headbands or headbands with accessories are also not allowed.


Toys, games and other personal belongings

It is not appropriate for children to bring in toys or games, however small, unless invited to do so for a special reason, by the classteacher. Please discourage your child from bringing such items into school, unless s/he has been particularly asked to do so.

Mobile phones are not allowed in our school. If a child brings in a mobile phone, we keep this safely in the office and it must be collected by an adult.

Uniform | Shoes and Boots | PE Kit | Jewellery, Haircuts and other personal belongings



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