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Newsletters 2018 - 2019

All our newsletters will appear on these pages. (These may be for the whole school, or just for certain year groups.)

190614 OSA Summer Fete Programme

190612 Y4 Y5 Continuing Music Tuition

190612 Y3 Continuing Music Tuition

190611 Y4 Y5 Minstead 2020

190610 Beech Class Assembly

190516 Y6 Oak House

190610 OSA Summer Fete Gunging Flyer

190603 Y2 Swimming

190604 Year R Hilliers Visit

190612 Y5 Sex and Relationships Education

190523 Half Price Book Fair

190522 Fitness Warm Up Morning

190515 Y5 Shoebox Request

190521 Sports Day (Wednesday 5 June)

190520 Letter from Ian Taylor

190513 Oak Class Assembly

190508 Plastic Free Day

190508 Y6 Plastic Pick

190503 OSA Non-Uniform Day

190423 Y5 Bikeability

190424 Y6 Pizza Making

190401 Y2 Scooter Training

Easter Activities:

190401 KidzPlay Advert

190329 Y3 Oakthorne

190327 Fitness Morning

190325 Maple Class Assembly

190325 OSA Easter Egg Appeal

190325 Big Pedal

190320 Times Tables Rock Stars

190329 Cedar Class Assembly

190326 4NM Class Assembly

190325 Y3 Music on the Map Concert

190318 Y5 Jude's Ice Cream Pitch Day

190318 Bike Doctor

190322 OSA Quiz

190312 Y3 Anglo-Saxon Day

190305 Spring Parents' Evenings

190304 5FL Class Assembly

190304 3CB Class Assembly

190301 Y5 Ice Cream Taste Testing

190301 World Book Day

190226 Admin Office Staffing

190213 Year 3 /4 Entrance/Exit Doors

190211 Parent Communication Networks

190215 Y4 Pizza Tasting

190213 Fitness Dance Warm Up

190204 Y2 Countdown to Swimming

190128 Elm Class Assembly

190128 4JH Class Assembly

190205 Safer Internet Day Workshare

190123 Willow Class Assembly

190121 5BW Class Assembly

190114 Y5 Space Food Tasting

190114 Y5 Winchester Science Centre Visit

190114 Y2 Tudor House Visit

190128 Y4 River Walk

190118 KS2 First Aid Training

190128 Y6 Parents' Meeting

Christmas Productions

You will receive personalised copies of these letters on Wednesday 5 December. The web copies are for information only and cannot be used to reserve tickets.

181126 Y4 Planet Earth

181122 Daily Echo

181126 OSA Christmas Fair

181120 OSA Secret Room Reminder

181116 OSA Christmas Secret Room

181115 Y3 Music on the Map Concert

181114 Y4 Down to Earth Visit

181112 Fitness Day Warm Up!

181105 Y6 Living Rainforest

181105 Y5 Into Film Festival

181108 Children in Need

181107 Anti-Bullying "Odd Socks" Day

181105 Y6 Knapp House

181101 Y6 Into Film Festival

181019 OSA Non-Uniform Day

181012 Change of Minstead Arrangements

181017 Parents' Online Safety Meeting

181005 OSA Newsletter

181001 Menu Change Flyer

180928 Y4 Y5 Minstead

180928 Y3 Fairthorne Manor

180919 Y6 Oasis Discovery Day

180911 Y5 Swimming

180910 Y5 Sea City and Boat Show

Oakwood News is our half-termly school newsletter. It is a full colour, magazine-style newsletter, looking back on the previous few weeks and looking forward to future events.


Each year group publishes a
Curriculum Bulletin
each half term so you can check on what your child is learning, see how to help, and learn about important year group annnouncements:

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