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Newsletters 2015 - 2016

All our newsletters will appear on these pages. (These may be for the whole school, or just for certain year groups.)

160708 Y6 Leavers' Letter

160701 PHC Assessment Letter to Parents

160701 Y5 Jude's Presentation Flyer

160620 Y6 Oak House

160620 Y6 Knapp House Final Information

160620 4FR Class Assembly

160613 Y3 Music on the Map Concert

160610 Y4 Y5 Continuing Music Lessons

160610 Y3 Continuing Music Lessons

160524 Y5 Jude's Ice Cream Visit

160518 3LD Class Assembly

160518 Y5 Egyptian Exhibition

160506 OSA Newsletter

160506 Y1 Hillier Garden Centre

160426 Y6 SATs Breakfast

160425 3NM Class Assembly

160418 Y3 Y4 Minstead (for Y4 Y5)

160418 Y2 Fairthorne Manor (for Y3)

160418 Y2 New Forest Study Centre

160412 YR Marwell Zoo

160317 Y2 Swimming

160317 Y5 Swimming

160315 Willow Class Assembly

160315 Y4 Puberty Letter

160307 5JH Class Assembly

160304 Y3 Music on the Map Concert Letter

160304 Southampton Headteachers' Letter about Pupil Assessment

160302 Y6 Height and Weight Checks

160229 Y3 Oakthorne

160229 Cedar Class Assembly

160224 Parents' Evening

160222 Y4 Testwood Lakes

160222 Sport Relief

160222 Y5 Bikeability

160212 Y4 Science Hook Day

160205 Y5 Sex and Relationships Education

160205 Y3 Anglo-Saxon Day Flyer

160205 Y4 Y5 Minstead - Final Info

160202 Maple Class Assembly

160202 Y4 Y5 Oakstead

160125 OSA Newsletter

160125 Y5 Winchester Science Centre

160125 5BK Class Assembly

160120 Y2 Elm Class Assembly

160119 Young Voices Final Letter

160115 Menu Change Flyer for this week

160105 Y6 KS2 Tests and Knapp House Meeting

151214 Y6 Globe Theatre

Christmas Concert Tickets:

151130 Christmas Dinner Choice

151126 Y3 Music on the Map

151124 KS2 Sport4All Swim

151123 Whole School Giant Walk

151111 Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter

151106 Y3 Remembrance Flyer

151104 Y4 Testwood Lakes

151103 Y3 Down to Earth

151103 Puffin Close Play Area Consultation

151019 Y3 Music on the Map Instrument Loan

151009 Y2 Fairytale Picnic

151007 VE Celebration Flyer

151007 Parents' Evening

151006 Y4 Y5 Minstead Reminder

151005 Harvest Festival

151003 Y3 Testwood Lakes

151002 Y4 Roman Celebration Day

150928 Songsters: Young Voices at the O2

150928 Menu Change

150925 KS2 Sport 4 All

151002 OSA Community Coffee Morning

150922 Y4 Fishbourne Visit

150916 Dahlicious Dress Up Day

150916 Y2 Tootpaste Flyer

150916 After School Library Opening

150916 Y2 Scooter Training

150911 Year R Open Days

150909 Y5 Boat Show Flyer

150908 Y6 Oasis Academy Visit

150908 Y3 Fairthorne Manor

150908 Y6 Knapp House

150904 Y5 Autumn Visits

150903 Y6 Milestones Visit


Oakwood News is our half-termly school newsletter. It is a full colour, magazine-style newsletter, looking back on the previous few weeks and looking forward to future events.

Oakwood News (06)

Oakwood News (05)

Oakwood News (04)

Oakwood News (03)

Oakwood News (02)

Oakwood News (01)

If you're looking for previous editions of Oakwood News, they are still available for:

2014 - 2015
2013 - 2014


Oakwood News Bites is our Pupil Newspaper, produced by the children in our Pupil News Committee. They aim to produce one edition per term.

Oakwood News Bites (01)

If you're looking for previous editions of Oakwood News Bites, they are still available for:

2014 - 2015

We now have a special
Clubs Page on the website.

All letters for clubs are there!


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