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Newsletters 2016 - 2017

All our newsletters will appear on these pages. (These may be for the whole school, or just for certain year groups.)

170620 Y3 Music on the Map Concert

170612 Y6 Oak House

170612 Y3 Music Tuition (Continuing into Y4)

170609 Y4 Circus Hook Day

170607 Y1 Church Walk Flyer

170607 YR Marwell Trip

170605 Y2 Swimming

170525 Y4 Home Learning Exhibition

170525 Y3 Local Walk Flyer

170525/26 Y4 Art Gallery

170524 5JH Class Assemblies

170523 Willow Class Assembly

170519 Y1 Countryside Education Trust

170505 Y5 Swimming

170503 Y5 Jude's Ice Cream Sale

170425 Y4 Y5 Minstead Initial Letter

170420 Y6 SATs Breakfast

170404 5BK Class Assembly

170320 Y3 Oakthorne Initial Letter

170324 Wessex Book Fair Flyer

170320 Comic Relief Flyer

170320 3NM Lordshill Library Visit Flyer

170320 Y6 Lordshill Church Visit Flyer

170317 Year R Shelter Construction

170313 Maple Class Assembly

170313 3NM Class Assembly

170310 Bike Doctor

170307 YMCA Easter Camps

170228 Y4 Puberty Letter

170217 World Book Day Dress Up Flyer

170210 Y5 Jude's Ice Cream Visit

170208 Cedar Class Assembly

170208 3LD Class Assembly

170206 4FR Class Assembly

170130 Elm Class Assembly

170130 Y4 Y5 Oakstead

170120 Y3 Anglo Saxon Day Flyer

170109 Y6 SATs and Knapp House Meetings

161215 Y5 Electronics Day

161212 Y2 Blue Reef Aquarium

161207 Y5 The Golden Compass

161207 Y6 Globe Visit

161207 Y5 INTECH Visit

161130 Y4 Y6 Christmas Production

161130 Y3 Y5 Christmas Production

161130 Y1 Y2 Christmas Production

161130 YR Christmas Production

161125 Y3 Music on the Map Concert

161111 NPSCC Information Letter

161031 Y4 Testwood Lakes

161031 Y3 Instrument Loan Letter

161031 Friends of Lordswood Park Tesco Collection

161010 Songsters Guildhall Concert

161004 Harvest Festival

160928 Friends of Lordswood Park

160928 Y6 Knapp House

160914 Y3 Autumn Visits

160920 Friends of Lordswood Park Photo Meet

160913 Y4 Fishbourne

160912 Y6 Milestones

160909 Y5 Sea City and Boat Show

160906 Y4 Roman Hook Day

Oakwood News is our half-termly school newsletter. It is a full colour, magazine-style newsletter, looking back on the previous few weeks and looking forward to future events.

Oakwood News (06)
Oakwood News (05)
Oakwood News (04)

Oakwood News (03)
Oakwood News (02)
Oakwood News (01)

If you're looking for previous editions of Oakwood News, they are still available for:

2015 - 2016
2014 - 2015
2013 - 2014


Oakwood News Bites is our Pupil Newspaper, produced by the children in our Pupil News Committee. They aim to produce one edition per term.

Oakwood News Bites (Edition 8)
Oakwood News Bites (Edition 7)

If you're looking for previous editions of Oakwood News Bites, they are still available for:

2015 - 2016
2014 - 2015

We now have a special
Clubs Page on the website.

All letters for clubs are there!


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