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Forest School

Forest School at Oakwood



Forest School Intent

An understanding of the natural world is a source of not only great curiosity, but great fulfilment.”
– David Attenborough

At Oakwood, we offer an engaging, progressive forest school curriculum that helps our pupils to develop important locational knowledge, a greater sense of the word we live in, and their enquiry and fieldwork skills.

We have our very own Forest School site. We are also very fortunate to have access to our wonderful nature trail and woodland area which provide a wealth of learning opportunites and play area for our children at Oakwood. Along side this we have easy access to Lordwood Woods which allows us to learn about our local area and extend our Forest School learning to a different setting.

What is Forest School?

Forest School is a holistic approach to educating children – meaning that it is aimed at developing the child as a whole and building their self-esteem as a learner. Forest School has a strong ethos of secure but challenging experiences and health and safety considerations are always of paramount importance.