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Oakwood’s Staff

All our staff take pride in the work they do at Oakwood!
The school only works well because everyone plays their part in Respect Believe Achieve.

Leadership Staff

Maria Whitmarsh

Becky Vanes
Deputy Head

Tricia Mahoney
Assistant Head and Inclusion Manager

Zita Rogers
Assistant Head

Teaching Staff

Amie Barnes

Charlotte Bateman
Classteacher & MFL Lead

Claire Beckett
Classteacher & RE Lead

Keri Borman
Classteacher & PSHE Lead


Debbie Burns
Classteacher & History Lead

Jack Cawley
Classteacher & Geography Lead

Heather Cochrane
Classteacher & Science Lead

Lynn Dowle
Classteacher & Writing Lead

Gemma Fawcitt
Classteacher & PE Lead

Amy Geal
Classteacher & Reading Lead

Sabina Latto
Classteacher & DT Lead

Donna McInally
Classteacher & Art Lead

Niall McPhillimy
Classteacher & Computing Lead

Louise Moody
Classteacher & Science Lead

Jane Patchett
Classteacher & Speaking and Listening Lead

Ellie Purvis
Classteacher & Music Lead

Rachel Raven
Classteacher & EYFS Lead 

Tom Wills
Classteacher & Maths Lead

Becky Wilson
Classteacher & SENCo

Teaching Assistants

Louise Adams
Teaching Assistant

Sam Adams
Teaching Assistant

Kate Bolt
Teaching Assistant

Luana Cox
Teaching Assistant

Tina Dalley
Family Inclusion Support Officer/ELSA

Caroline Day
Teaching Assistant

Angela Green
ELSA/Teaching Assistant

Kerri Martin
Teaching Assistant

Cath Mattack
Teaching Assistant

Karen O’Brien
Teaching Assistant

Vicky Pratt
Teaching Assistant

Jacky Smallwood
Teaching Assistant

Julie Wheeler
Teaching Assistant

Samantha White
Teaching Assistant

Jo Wyatt
Teaching Assistant

Admin Staff

Aaron Rattan
Business Manager

Liz Browne
Clerical Assistant

Claire Di Maiolo
Admin Assistant

Sadie Kelsey
Admin Assistant & Attendance Lead

External Teaching Staff

Alex Pope
Showcase Music School

Luke Newman
Testlands Multisports Coaching

Joe Crook
Chief Operations Officer
Testlands Multisports Coaching


Ryan McKenney

Testlands PE teacher


External Support Staff

Robert Atkinson
Group HR Manager
Bridge Education Trust


Site Management Staff

Aaron Hamilton
Site Manager

Matt DiMaiolo

Assistant Site Manager

Eija Byles

Amanda Evans

Sue Redding

Natalie Vick


Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Michelle Apark Lunchtime Supervisor

Jo Barrett Lunchtime Supervisor

Angela Dunn Lunchtime Supervisor

Kristy Macleod Lunchtime Supervisor

Wendy Powney  Lunchtime Supervisor

Diane Sims Lunchtime Supervisor

Elaine Wilson Lunchtime Supervisor

Sam Woodhall Lunchtime Supervisor