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“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”

(Theodore Roosevelt)

History at Oakwood

Below is an overview of the curriculum for each year group (Years 1-6).

YR curriculum information can be found on the main YR page.

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Our Intent

Following the National Curriculum, at Oakwood we are developing an engaging history curriculum that we hope will inspire a thirst for knowledge. We aim to develop our pupils’ historical skills so that they have the confidence to ask questions, interpret evidence, think critically and have a sound understanding of the characteristics of different time periods.

From the Stone Age right up to our local history topics about the Titanic and World War II, the pupils learn about a range of time periods and the significance of people, places and events. We encourage the pupils to take pride in their work by displaying it both in school and on our blog.

Our young historians learn about cause and consequence and encourage pupils to use empathy to develop an understanding on why people acted the way they did. In Key Stage 2 the pupils are mainly taught their topics in chronological order, this allows for a greater understanding of change and continuity. Our history topics have cross curricular links which give children the opportunity to strengthen their history knowledge through other subjects.  Our teaching of history is enriched through working together with visitors to the school and listening to experts whilst on trips. This teamwork ensures that the children are offered an engaging curriculum that inspires a curiosity to know and remember more.

KS1 and KS2 history overviews and skills progression