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Article 28

Every child has the right to an education.


Article 28

Every child has the right to an education.


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Oakwood is a local authority school, maintained by Southampton City Council.

This means that we adopt and follow the council’s admissions policy. Children are placed in the school according to the policy, and whether your child gets a place at Oakwood is decided by that policy, and not by the school.

Admissions into Year R in September 2022

Please see the ‘Starting at Oakwood’ page

Admissions to Oakwood during the year

Pick up a transfer form from your child’s current school and follow their instructions.

If your child is new to the UK, or not currently at school, you can pick up a form from us as long as you live in Southampton. If you live in Hampshire, you should contact Hampshire County Council, even if you want to come to Oakwood.

Admissions into Year 7 in September 2022
(Leaving Year 6 in July 2022)

Look out for Open Days at local secondary schools on their websites.

Once your child has a place at Oakwood, the school decides which class they will go into.

A Classroom Placement Protocol has been agreed by governors.