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Articles 32 – 36

Governments must protect children from harm, danger and abuse.

Articles 32 -36

Governments must protect children from harm, danger and abuse.

  1. Home
  2. Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Safe

Keeping children safe is our first duty.

It includes everything from reporting concerns about serious harm and abuse, through teaching children about how to stay safe online, down to making sure the electrical appliances in the building are tested and the minibus is serviced.

There is statutory guidance from government for schools which we must follow.


Data Protection

We take our responsibilites reagarding Data Protecion extremeley seriously. 

The vast majority of data we process is under the lawful bases of:

  • Legal obligation
  • Legitimate interest

In other words, we have to collect and process that information for your child’s safety and education. 


Our governing body is a data controller registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.



Lock It, Block It, Show It, Tell It

Oakwood’s school council designed Lock It, Block It, Show It, Tell It in 2010 to help us all stay safe on the internet. It is now used by all schools in the Redbridge and Lordshill Primary Federation. Read about how each one can help you!

We also share our advice to parents about Social Networking and Mobile Apps

We are working towards our accreditation for safer remote education through National Online Safety.


We don’t use the phrase “Stranger Danger”, because the vast majority of strangers aren’t dangerous.

We teach children Street Sense instead. This approach gives them strategies to use if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe when out on their own or with friends.


Hampshire Police supports Clever Never Goes.

Watch the video to see how an alternative to Stranger Danger works.


Car use on the School Run

We encourage every child to walk, scoot or cycle to school if possible.

We know that some families still choose to use their cars on the school run and that the vast majority of those do so safely and considerately

We recognise that car use adds to the congestion and air pollution around the school, increasing the risk to pedestrians and sometimes causing parking problems.

Please read our advice about how to get to school and where not to park.

Park and Stride

If you must come in a car, try not to park right outside the school. The map shows you how you can PARK at various places around Sandpiper Road and STRIDE to school. This reduces congestion and you get exercise!

Please avoid parking in Plover Close or Sheldrake Gardens.

It’s no more than 3 minutes walk – meet your friends on the way!

Our work on promoting sustainable travel, road safety and the Bikeability cycle training for children has earned us the Sustrans Silver School Mark.

Sustrans School Mark