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Supporting the Oakwood Community

The Oakwood School Association is a registered charity which exists to host community events and raise money for the school.

We make annual grants to the school so that it can afford to buy and fund the extras which can’t be afforded from the school budget. 

We run a programme of successful events and we donate about £8000 to the school each year.

We can only do this because children, parents, staff and other members of the Oakwood community give their time willingly to support us.

All parents are automatically members of the OSA, and welcome to help us come up with ideas and plans at our meetings… (there are always biscuits!) We always need help: any offer of support, big or small, is always welcome! Thank you!

Raising Money

The OSA organises and runs:
Our Christmas Fair
Our Summer Fete
Pupil Discos
Easter Activity days
Non-Uniform Days
and much more!

Spending Money

The school has spent OSA money on:
Panto Performances
Classroom extras
Forest School Resources
and much more!

At the moment, we are raising money for a new set of iPads for use in Key Stage 1.


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