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Our school Motto is:




Our School Values guide our thinking and our behaviours.

RESPECT sits at the heart of our School Values.









We believe we can achieve by:

Being respectful of others.

This includes speaking to each other kindly and respectfully, showing empathy, listening to others without interruption, holding doors open, walking inside school, saying ‘good morning’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’, ‘pardon’.

Being respectful of our learning.

This includes paying attention in lessons, being curious, asking appropriate questions, completing tasks to the best of our ability, trying our best in all areas of learning, listening to and following instructions, taking pride in our work.

Being respectful of our surroundings.

This includes keeping the school tidy, taking care of our equipment, and caring for our environment.

Being respectful of our relationships.

This includes treating others as you wish to be treated, helping others, showing teamwork, celebrating the success of others.

Being respectful of ourselves.

This includes looking after our physical and mental health and safety, developing our strengths and talents, showing resilience when faced with a challenge and trying to develop a growth mindset.

Being respectful of being part of Oakwood.

This includes the ability to strive for excellence in everything we do.

With thanks to Southampton Music Hub for letting us link their song called Resilience.

Resilience (Performance Track) - Southampton and IOW Music Hubs