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How we spent the Pupil Premium in 2014-2015

We received £66,300

The total amount we spent on the interventions below was: £99,737
(This includes some interventions which apply to all pupils, not just those eligible for Pupil Premium.)
(You can hover over each segment for full details.)

What was the impact of our interventions?

  • The vast majority of pupils report enjoying school and feeling that they have made good progress.
  • Our Early Years, KS1 and KS2 results are amongst the highest in the city and compare well with other national indicators.
  • The attainment gap between children eligible for pupil premium and those not has reamined low.
  • Children eligible for pupil premium at Oakwood made better progress in 2015 at KS2 than those not eligible nationally.
  • Attendance is high. Pupils eligible for pupil premium attendd just as well as those not; persistent absenteeism of pupils eligible for pupil premium is lower than the nationally comparable figure.
  • A more detailed report, compiled by governors is available here.